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GameMarketToken listing on OctaEx Exchange.

GameMarketToken proposed to be listed on OctaEx Exchange. We need your vote to list. We request all members to vote without fail. OctaEx is a leading exchange with $6,076,781 volume for 24 hours. Please vote at

Friday, April 6, 2018



The Konios platform offers the safest exchange platform for cash & crypto currencies worldwide. Our solution for locally and digitally exchanging all FIAT and CRYPTO currencies between any interested parties, is unique. The globally uniform exchange principle is decentrally secured by the Konios Blockchain.
Worldwide, about $ 7.7 trillion in cash is in circulation. The Konios platform aims to aid bringing some of this vast fortune into the crypto market.


Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram

This bounty campaign will last for 4 weeks.
Konios team is offering 4% of the Total Token Supply for the Bounty and Airdrop which are equal to $2m!
Click here to go INVEST!

The presale is LIVE.The ICO will start May 1, 2018.

Bounty Allocation

•   Signature Bounty : 15%
•   Twitter Bounty : 10%
•   Telegram Bounty  : 10%
•   Facebook Bounty : 10%
•   Translation and Moderation Campaign : 20%
•   Media Bounty (Youtube, Blog) : 20%
•   Others : 15%

General Rules
•   All token Allocation will take place after the ICO. The balance list will be available 24/7 on our website
•   Bounty starts April 1, 2018
•   For any questions regarding the bounty campaign, you can contact us our bounty manager on telegram or send him message here on forum
•   We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven’t been honest with your work.
•   We reserve our right to change bounty campaign rules at any given time.

Signature Campaign

Payment as follows :

Newbie     : 1 Stake per post
Jr.Member : 2 stakes per post
Member   : 3 stake per post
Full Member : 4 stakes per post
Sr. Member   : 6 Stakes per post
Hero /Legendary Member :   8 Stakes per post

*Maximum posts per week 20

Signature Campaign Rules

Apply : HERE

Check Spreadsheet HERE

1. Participant must be an active Bitcointalk user with no negative trust.
2.Each participant must make at least 10 constructive posts every week in various sections of forum except in Off-topic,Beginners & Help,Politics & Society, Local and Gambling section and in any bounty thread including this one.
3.Spam and Trolling is strictly not allowed.
4.Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted.
5.If you get negative trust or banned from forum for whatever reasons,you will be disqualified and no stakes will be rewarded to you.
6.Multiple accounts are not allowed and users found using more than one account will be disqualified.
7.You must not remove signature and avatar during entire period of campaign and until allowed to do so by campaign manager.
8.You must wear Avatar also.

Twitter Campaign

•   All participants must follow our official Twitter account @koniosofficial
•   Your audit score must be more than 90%
•   We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter account is genuine.
•   Your Twitter account must be mainly about cryptocurrencies, real estate or investments. We will also accept media personalities.
•   You have to have at least 100 real followers.
•   Everyone has to report their custom Tweets every week.
•   You can report max 5 Retweets per week.
•   Max. 5 custom tweets per user / week.
•   To help with this, we will add dates on the Twitter spreadsheet on weeks.
Follower   Reward / Tweet
>100   1 Stake
>1'000   2 Stakes
>3'000   4 Stakes
>10'000   6 Stakes
>100'000   8 Stakes
Apply HERE
Check Spreadsheet HERE

You must post all your retweet and tweet links in the following format Every week by Saturday else your stakes will not be rewarded  


Facebook Campaign

•   Join our Facebook channel
•   Post must have links to ur website and whitepaper
•   Max. 5 custom post per user / week.
•   Everyone has to report their custom Posts every week.
Friends    Reward / post/Share
>100   1 Stake
>1'000   2 Stakes
>3'000    4 Stakes
>10'000  6 Stakes
>100'000 8 Stakes

Apply HERE
Check Spreadsheet HERE

You must post all your Shared Posts/Likes and Comments links in the following format Every week by Saturday else your stakes will not be rewarded : 
Youtube/Blogging/Article Campaign

•   Youtube videos must be at least 1.5 minutes long. You must have at least 200 organic subscribers.
•   You should have links to our website and whitepaper.
•   Your Medium/ or any other free blogging blog page should have at least 50 followers.
•   Your article must be original and contain at least 300 words.
•   We also accept ICO Rating - Listing websites.
•   This is a high quality project, and we encourage genuine discussion and opinions. Any misrepresentations of the project/ false claims will not be permitted and Token will not be awarded.

Media Type   Reward / Media
Video   2000 KON
Article   1000 KON




ANN + bounty threads: 50 stakes + 1 stake per valid post
Whitepaper translation: 250 stakes

Proofreading of ANN + Bounty Threads – 10 stakes
Proofreading of Whitepaper – 50 stakes

Google translation will not be accepted.You must keep your local thread updated.Pm manager to reserve your language.
We are also hiring ANN thread moderators.10 Stakes per moderated post.Please pm bounty manager for details and applying


Telegram campaign

1.Join our Official Telegram Group and Get 5 Stake (You must stay in group till bounty is over)
2.Add Text " ICO" to your telegram username and get 10 Stake
3.Add our Avatar to your Telegram profile picture and get 10 Stake
Apply HERE
Check Spreadsheet

AstroMining PRE-ICO!

We are proud to announce AstroMining AirDrop & Bounty campaign!
We are distributing 8.75% of ASMN tokens


Fill the form HERE
Post on this thread in the following format
Telegram Username :
Bitcointalk Username :
Bitcointalk Profile :

Spreadsheet of AirDrop Participants 


1. You must join our Telegram main group AstroMining
2.You must join our bounty Telegram group AstroMiningGroup
3.You must stay in both groups till the end of ICO
4.You must be active on groups
5.No spamming, any troll or abuse will be tolerated
6.You must not discuss Airdrop on our main group or else you will be disqualified.

Apply To AstroMining PRE-ICO!

We've decided to reward our earliest adopters with a huge bonus in an exclusive presale of our AstroMining tokens.
This bonus is in short supply, only available for the duration of the presale.
We will use a part the raised funds to further expand the AstroMining marketing campaign.

Fill out the form Pre-ICO Registration and we'll contact you with further details.

Join our PRE-ICO Don't miss out on our massive early-adopter bonuses!
Visit Pre-ICO Registration to apply for our exclusive presale today! Presale will end 1 week before ICO!


Week 1 :From 3/01/2018 To 03/08/2018 END OF 1 WEEK
Week 2 :From 03/08/2018 To 3/15/2018 END OF 2 WEEK
Week 3 :From 3/15/2018 To 3/22/2018 END OF 3 WEEK
Week 4 :From 3/22/2018 To 33/29/2018 END OF 4 WEEK
Week 5 :From 3/29/2018 To 04/05/2018 END OF 5 WEEK
Week 6 :From 04/05/2018 To 04/12/2018   END OF 6 WEEK
 Week 7 :From 4/12/2018 To 4/19/2018 END OF 7 WEEK
  Week 8 :From 4/19/2018 To 4/27/2018 END OF 8 WEEK(extended 1 day)

Campaign Period: Now until End of ICO
We need your help!
We want to hire you to get the word about out about the AstroMining ICO. We need you to make us look good by posting meaningful, relevant posts the kind you'd make as a serious member of this forum, even if you weren't getting paid. The kind you'd like to read.
The structure of our campaign reflects our goal. We value your time and your effort and we intend to reward you accordingly. We will not reward campaign participants who make us look bad by random, meaningless posts. Participants who don't contribute to the goal will be dismissed from the program without pay.
Qualifications to participate are detailed below.

General Terms:
Stakes will be distributed every week, on Saturday.
   We reserve the right to remove you from the campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum.
   We may not accept you in the campaign for any reason.
   If your rank changes during the campaign, you must contact the campaign manager.
   If you do not meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week, but you will not be removed from the campaign.

Social Media campaign:

Based on your the amount of followers you have. For FaceBook you must either post something creative or copy a post from our Twitter or  Instagram

250-499 friends/followers - 50 ASMN per share/retweet
500-999 friends/followers - 150 ASMN per share/retweet
1000-2499 friends/followers - 300 ASMN per share/retweet
2500-4999 friends/followers - 500 ASMN per share/retweet
5000+ friends/followers - 1000 ASMN per share/retweet

Follow our social media's - Twitter and Instagram @AstroMining Twitter Instagram

Rules:1. Participants must share and like AstroMining's posts
2. Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified
3. Followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign
4. All shared articles must also be liked
5. Please DO NOT post rubbish comments, it is neither necessary nor wanted
6. Posts/shares must have a link to the AstroMining bitcointalk post or social media AND must encompass at least 2 of these hashtags: #Crypto #Blockchain #ICO  #ASMN #AstroMining . YOU MUST INCLUDE THESE IN YOUR shares, otherwise they won't be counted
7. Posts/shares have to be spaced at least 1 hour. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the bounty campaign

Example of weekly report:

Twitter Username : <Your Twitter Username>
Week Number: <#Number of week (1-8) you can find weeks numeration under AstroMining AIRDROP INFORMATION>
Spreadsheet number :
#Posts 1.<your unique tweet1>
1.<your retweet/post1>
2.<your retweet/post2>
3.<your retweet/post3>
4.<your retweet/post4>

Instagram Username : <Your Instagram Username>
Week Number: <#Number of week (1-8) you can find weeks numeration under AstroMining AIRDROP INFORMATION>
Spreadsheet number :
#Posts 1.<your unique post1>
1.<your Post1>
2.<your Post2>
3.<your Post3>
4.<your Post4>

Facebook Link : <Link to your facebook>
Week Number: <#Number of week (1-8) you can find weeks numeration under AstroMining AIRDROP INFORMATION>
Spreadsheet number :
#Posts 1.<your unique Post1>
1.<your Post1>
2.<your Post2>
3.<your Post3>
4.<your Post4>


The fee is negotiated individually.

How to join:
Contact me via PM

Content creation campaign:

Spread the word with your original content and earn tokens by:
-Blogging about AstroMining
-Promoting it in other forums, in your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any other social outlet with a large outreach
-Creating YouTube videos (including interviews)

(based on quality of your content)

Low: 500 ASMN
Medium: 750 ASMN
High: 1000 ASMN
Very High: 2500 ASMN


You can create: blog/forum posts, unique articles, videos about AstroMining, social media unique posts with unique images, etc.
Only original content will be accepted
Quality of your content will be decided by our team after review
The blog/forum must be focused on a relevant topic and must have at least 200 words for blogs or must have at least 120 words for forum posts.
The article must be on a relevant website and must have at least 250 words



Telegram campaign:

Signature Campaign 1500 ASMN - Must put AstroMining Aidrop & Bounty After your name on Telegram. 
(If you chose to do this, you MUST be active on telegram)


100 ASMN for join;
500 ASMN per week for staying active;
1500 ASMN for most active participant daily
1000 ASMN for Signature


Join our telegram channel - AstroMining
Join our telegram Group - AstroMiningGroup
Stay active and helpful
Write at least one message per week for receive stakes




Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs

ICO Name
Start Date   End Date
Payment Mode
Token Price
Game Market Token
Crypto Gaming
GameMarketToken is a Blockchain based decentralized network that simply communicates between Investors, Game Developers, Game players and Crypto Traders on a Simple, Secure and Efficient platform. It's unique & innovative gaming concept connects the both crypto and gaming communities on a more open and trustworthy platform.

Fixed at 1 ETH=2500 T4GM

+ 40% Sale Bonus = 3500 (1 ETH = 3500)

Top ICO, Top Rated ICO, Top 10 ICO, Best Running ICO, Fundamentally Strong ICO, ICO Reviews, List of running ICO, List of Current ICO, Good ICOs to Invest, How to select best ICO to invest ?, Best ICO Portfolio, Technically Sound ICO, 

Contact Us :



Monday, November 20, 2017

About - Our Goal - Vision and Mission - Our Team - Contact Us
New ICO Reviews, Advice & Tips for Crypto Currency Investors
About us :
ICOExpert is a reviewing agency engaged in independent studies, research and analysis of current and upcoming companies, startups or projects who are planning to go through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) from all around the world. It provides investors a unique platform to take decisions about their investments in block chain based companies. At ICOExpert, we do various analytical research, study and evaluation for providing best information about the projects and block chain startups.
Block chain industries and Crypto Currency has huge potential to create revolution in many traditional business startups. Block chain creates totally new business models that basically could not exist on the market couple of years ago. Increasing of this new startup model creates best opportunities for crypto users and investors. As a side effect, many new concept comes in market with many risks to the investor due to the lack of knowledge and information, trust worthiness and liquidity of the new projects. Many have seen fraud and scam in the ICO market.
Nowadays block chain sector is going towards the standardization development, evaluation and application standards for new startup companies. Considering the ICO market based on the block chain standards, there are some missing to set a reliable criteria for the evaluation of new startups. Investors needs to analyze the details of block chain projects by many sources, internet and social media, where each individuals expresses their subjective opinions.
Our analysts including Block Chain and Crypto Currency experts continuously works on current and upcoming ICO projects to help investors keep them well informed about the ICO industries who are planning to launch an ICO. Till today, there are lack of resources who neutrally assess and analyze data on block chain projects. Here we play key role. We regularly provide information to the investors to help them in making decision about their investment in new block chain-startups. We analyze whole concept including all the things about the ICO companies like...
♦ Company Profile
 Concept & Business Model
 Investment Potentials
 White Paper/One-Pager
 Smart Contract
 Road Map
 Latest and Future Trends
 Past & Present Performance
 Block Chain & Business Advisors
 Future growth of the Project
 Latest Activities
 R&D in Project
 Experience of Team
 Reach of the Project
 Social Network
 Marketing/Media Coverage
 Project's Eco System
 Break Even Point & Profitability
 Investor's Point of View
 Competitors and Risks
 Technical Features
 The strengths and weaknesses
 Hype Score & Risk Score
Our Goal :
The main goal of is to review the projects of block chain startup companies with standards and particular criteria and than make suggestion based on a standardized and transparent data. Our key approach is to provide a more civilized platform apart from a Risky and Wild traditional coin market.
Our Vision and Mission :
Our Vision and mission is to help the block chain market in establishing necessary quality standards, reliability and transparency at the earliest. This will be helpful to attract more institutional and individual investors, which will create great opportunities for the entrepreneurs of the new economy in attracting funding for their projects.
Benefits of the Reviewing Agency :
Users will be benefited from Investing in a growth potential, positive and stable ICO with early discount & great bonus. The risks of scam & fraud will be minimized for both startups and investors and they will be more unbiased information to base their decisions on. It will increase the responsibility of the developers of decentralized services before the users.
Our Team :
ICOExpert is founded by a 42 years old internet entrepreneur Hareshkumar Parmar who is a owner of a well-known IT Firm from Republic of India. Our IT Team has extensive experience in the crypto industry. We have expertise in block chain technology and crypto currencies and have broad experience in evaluating of block chain startups. We have seen the growth of ICO industry since its inception and have used our experience to assemble a team of some of the best analysts of the block chain market. Our research & review team have many experts from the investment industry. Each has extensive experience in internet business, crowd funding and block chain industries, as well as how to conduct comprehensive reviews of companies ?

Contact Us :



Donate to the
Donation address:
BTC : 38FuefrAiTuGKPEQbQY1zHE2ToKt9KnhfS
ETH : 0xfaadB23b4f45c74F986A23B444ba2290704f4c5b
The ICOExpert is reviewing agency engaged in independent studies, research and analysis of current and upcoming companies, startups or projects who are planning to go through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) from all around the world at free of cost. It is operated mainly as a service to the block chain industry, and majority of income after expenses is either saved for future research and development of the portal.
If you donate, you will get a special status with space in our website under Supporter, Donor, Partner and Client section where your link with company's name and logo also be placed. Investors will easily get redirected to your fund raiser campaign. You must email to prior to donating if you want to take advantage of this offer.
Thank you for your interest in donating to the !