FTEC ICO : Artificial Intelligence Trading Revolution

fire::fire::fire:PRE-SALE IS LIVE NOW. THE FIRST STAGE IS OVER. CURRENT DISCOUNT IS 20%:fire::fire::fire::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:
:white_check_mark: Official Smart contract address is: 0x75b3abf31ca0e8ba36bf3938b6095a5b7f8b4c71
:paperclip: Detailed instruction on how to participate:

GameMarketToken : A Decentralized Platform for the Entire Crypto Gaming Community

GameMarketToken, Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem
GameMarketToken is committed to maximize gaming community satisfaction by providing simple, secured, efficient and transparent platform to Investors, Developers and Gamesters. Our blockchain based decentralized platform will help Game developers to find investors and customers (gamesters) for their project. Gamesters will also invest in potential projects. In our Blockchain system, developers will receive funding for their extra ordinary gaming concept. Investors will get returns on their investment on successful projects. Gamesters will also earn through the rise of tokens price. GameMarketToken strongly believes that Gaming Industry revolution will be driven by Investor, Developers and Gamesters. That’s why we are introducing the first blockchain based platform that communicates with Investors, Developers and Gamesters. GameMarketToken (T4GM) will be issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates the ecosystem participants from a…

BeLotto - The New Decentralized Standard for Lotteries!

Important Links Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Medium | Github Belotto is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with BEL tokens.
55,200,000 BEL ($11.04M value based on ICO price) tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Program. 
The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days of the Token Distribution Date. 

Spreadsheet Link
Please check your participation in this spreadsheet
Weekly Reports Week 1:
April 15 - April 21 (Report on April 21)
Week 2:
April 22 - April 28 (Report on April 28)
Week 3:
April 29 - May 5 (Report on May 5)
Week 4:
May 6 - May 12 (Report on May 12)
Week 5:
May 13 - May 19 (Report on May 19)
Week 6:
May 20 - May 26 (Report on May 26)
Week 7:
May 27 - June 2 (Report on June 2)
Week 8:
June 3 - June 9 (Report on June 9)
Week 9:
June 10 - June 16 (Report on June 16)
Week 10:
June 17 - June 20 (Report on June 20) General Campaign Rules NOTE: All bounty participants have to join The Bel…