Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs

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Game Market Token
Crypto Gaming
GameMarketToken is a Blockchain based decentralized network that simply communicates between Investors, Game Developers, Game players and Crypto Traders on a Simple, Secure and Efficient platform. It's unique & innovative gaming concept connects the both crypto and gaming communities on a more open and trustworthy platform.

Fixed at 1 ETH=2500 T4GM

+ 40% Sale Bonus = 3500 (1 ETH = 3500)

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Monday, November 20, 2017

About ICOExpert.in - Our Goal - Vision and Mission - Our Team - Contact Us

New ICO Reviews, Advice & Tips for Crypto Currency Investors
About us :
ICOExpert is a reviewing agency engaged in independent studies, research and analysis of current and upcoming companies, startups or projects who are planning to go through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) from all around the world. It provides investors a unique platform to take decisions about their investments in block chain based companies. At ICOExpert, we do various analytical research, study and evaluation for providing best information about the projects and block chain startups.
Block chain industries and Crypto Currency has huge potential to create revolution in many traditional business startups. Block chain creates totally new business models that basically could not exist on the market couple of years ago. Increasing of this new startup model creates best opportunities for crypto users and investors. As a side effect, many new concept comes in market with many risks to the investor due to the lack of knowledge and information, trust worthiness and liquidity of the new projects. Many have seen fraud and scam in the ICO market.
Nowadays block chain sector is going towards the standardization development, evaluation and application standards for new startup companies. Considering the ICO market based on the block chain standards, there are some missing to set a reliable criteria for the evaluation of new startups. Investors needs to analyze the details of block chain projects by many sources, internet and social media, where each individuals expresses their subjective opinions.
Our analysts including Block Chain and Crypto Currency experts continuously works on current and upcoming ICO projects to help investors keep them well informed about the ICO industries who are planning to launch an ICO. Till today, there are lack of resources who neutrally assess and analyze data on block chain projects. Here we play key role. We regularly provide information to the investors to help them in making decision about their investment in new block chain-startups. We analyze whole concept including all the things about the ICO companies like...
♦ Company Profile
 Concept & Business Model
 Investment Potentials
 White Paper/One-Pager
 Smart Contract
 Road Map
 Latest and Future Trends
 Past & Present Performance
 Block Chain & Business Advisors
 Future growth of the Project
 Latest Activities
 R&D in Project
 Experience of Team
 Reach of the Project
 Social Network
 Marketing/Media Coverage
 Project's Eco System
 Break Even Point & Profitability
 Investor's Point of View
 Competitors and Risks
 Technical Features
 The strengths and weaknesses
 Hype Score & Risk Score
Our Goal :
The main goal of ICOExpert.in is to review the projects of block chain startup companies with standards and particular criteria and than make suggestion based on a standardized and transparent data. Our key approach is to provide a more civilized platform apart from a Risky and Wild traditional coin market.
Our Vision and Mission :
Our Vision and mission is to help the block chain market in establishing necessary quality standards, reliability and transparency at the earliest. This will be helpful to attract more institutional and individual investors, which will create great opportunities for the entrepreneurs of the new economy in attracting funding for their projects.
Benefits of the Reviewing Agency :
Users will be benefited from Investing in a growth potential, positive and stable ICO with early discount & great bonus. The risks of scam & fraud will be minimized for both startups and investors and they will be more unbiased information to base their decisions on. It will increase the responsibility of the developers of decentralized services before the users.
Our Team :
ICOExpert is founded by a 42 years old internet entrepreneur Hareshkumar Parmar who is a owner of a well-known IT Firm from Republic of India. Our IT Team has extensive experience in the crypto industry. We have expertise in block chain technology and crypto currencies and have broad experience in evaluating of block chain startups. We have seen the growth of ICO industry since its inception and have used our experience to assemble a team of some of the best analysts of the block chain market. Our research & review team have many experts from the investment industry. Each has extensive experience in internet business, crowd funding and block chain industries, as well as how to conduct comprehensive reviews of companies ?

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The ICOExpert is reviewing agency engaged in independent studies, research and analysis of current and upcoming companies, startups or projects who are planning to go through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) from all around the world at free of cost. It is operated mainly as a service to the block chain industry, and majority of income after expenses is either saved for future research and development of the portal.
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Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs

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